“You are as good as the people you keep close.”

It is a privilege and honor to share my coveted network of mentors, advisors, peers, and partners who bring expertise from a multitude of backgrounds, expertise, and life experience. With their wisdom, guidance, and advisory, I am empowered to provide my client-partner network with high value resources, support, and opportunities.

Advisory Council

Andrew Cohen

Rachel McPherson

Aaron Battista

Irene-Marie Seelig

Tony Johnson

Angela Gruszka

Ethan Alexander

Heather Craig

Aaron Koch

Jack Patterson

Estelle DiLuca

Albert Liu

Reese Marsalis

Alexandra Desbas

Jasmyn Jarnigan

Gene Ferro

Thomas Franey

Matt Collins

Dan Vishnesky

Ryan Ethridge

Mitch Norton

Farah Aslam

Andrew Potkewitz

David Augustine

Global network of trusted advisors and leading experts bridged across various industries and backgrounds, aligned through our shared values and strength of integrity.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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