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Founder Message

Sophia Kelly, CEO & Founder of Tharos Global.

Unifier of people, culture, and technology.

As a young child growing up in San Diego, my great grandmother used to tell my parents that I had “tharros” (pronounced “thah” with a soft “ah” – “ros”) and explained that it was a unique word in Greek to explain in English, because it encompassed a depth of meaning.

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Much like the way she cooked without recipes, it seemed to have unexplainable amounts of spirit, mixed with fierce courage, a sprinkle of fearlessness, a spark of confidence, and a dash of optimism about life, no matter what it hands you.

It was a high compliment from a woman who was orphaned as a child, passed around to different homes, forced into servitude, and shipped to California at 15 years old to become a bride. And, yet, she managed to thrive forward with her tremendous spirit, beaming with resilience in her new life in San Diego, across the world and far from her past.

Stassa (Anastasia) Balaban was a celebrated anchor of the Greek community in the new world, the first Greek woman to drive a car in San Diego (notably with a heavy foot), and a total spitfire badass who inspired our family and many others.

θάρρος (thárros): The ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of fear, pain, or grief.  Enthusiasm, bravery, confidence, and optimism. The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear. Spunk, courageousness, grit, valor.

As someone who deeply values authentic human connection, my passion for it underpins my approach to building long-lasting partnerships with clients, employees, and stakeholders. I prioritize building strong relationships based on trust, empathy, and effective communication, and have expertise in customer-centric business development strategies, marketing campaigns, branding, fundraising, and investor relations. I strongly believe that these qualities are essential for businesses to establish sustainable growth and success, which enables me to contribute as a valuable asset to any organization.

When I am energizing you to achieve your goals and dreams, I am living in my purpose. I love empowering incredible people with exciting vision to continue stepping into their higher purpose.

– Sophia Kelly, MS-NPL


Corporate Sales Trainer, Operations Manager, Marketing Officer, Business Strategist, Demand Generation Lead, Adobe Product Specialist, Strategic Alliance and Technology Partnerships Manager, Brand Developer, Nonprofit and Corporate Leader, Fundraiser.


As a social impact oriented and corporate culture driver, Sophia leads with a passion for empowering peers and partners, on a mission to bring authenticity and consciousness into every interaction. Human connection is the foundation for mutual success.


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tharos Global, Sophia seeks to leverage her natural ability to connect the best resources within her network to allow for the meeting of brilliant minds to flourish in purposeful connection. Bringing decades of experience in corporate leadership and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, Sophia is energized by the work of cross-industry social impact.


Overcoming challenges is at the core of human growth and unlocking our higher potential. The authenticity brought to each engagement and the ability to be fully present and innovative in creating solutions is the result of years of dedication of transformative work and cultivation of the inner self. Offering this energy to the world to help others realize their own mission and path is my passion.

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